Life Story Program

Help your loved ones learn about your family and your life. The Life Story Program builds off the Life Interview Program and incorporates a video presentation of your photographs, videos, or other slides.  Using your interview, photographs, videos, or voice clips, we will develop a presentation with your life as the theme.

Life Story (Includes Life Interview)
Life Story (Includes Life Interview)
This interview takes you through a series of questions designed to stimulate memories of your life.  You can request to have a live interviewer or simply read questions from a screen in a private setting. The Life Story Program not only incorporates the raw interview and digital images from the Life Interview program, we ADD your home videos or other video recordings to create a short video presentation.  Using your interview, digital photographs, videos, and voice clips, we will develop a Life Story presentation with your life as the theme. 
Interview Length
Number of Digital Images
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$ 217.00